Oh, I hope so! It’s one of the things I miss from the early days of blogging.

A few months ago, I had actually decided to recreate my own here on this site and then, as per usual, got tied up with other things and never actually finished it. It appears that others have also been thinking about the pros and cons of blogrolls and gotten a fair bit further along then me in putting one back on their site.

Chris, from boffosocko.com, already has a great Indieweb-related blogroll up:

The beginnings of a blogroll

Now excuse me while I go roll some blogs! 😉

Homebrew Website Club Los Angeles notes, December 28, 2016 (Chris Aldrich | Musings of a Modern Day Cyberneticist | BoffoSocko)
A quick synopsis of our local IndieWeb activity in LA this year as well as the last meeting of 2016. Happy New Year - we hope to see everyone back in 2017!

“I’m also seriously considering 100 days of closing tabs which has always been a real problem for me in the past.”

This has always been a problem for myself as well, until I found the OneTab plugin: https://www.one-tab.com
Probably not as interesting as “100 days of…” but definitely quicker!

In years past I used to share useful and/or interesting links every week or so both as a searchable reference for myself and something that may be useful for others. Seeing as my interest in blogging is (re-)growing again this year, alongside increasing interest in the concepts of IndieWeb, I thought I’d re-start my weekly links habit.

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If that second meaning didn’t exist before, it does now…

"Inspired by the 100DayProject — and insufficiently-well prepared for 100DaysOfIndieWeb —, I commit myself to a 100 Days of Open Source challenge, starting January 1st, 2017. For more than 3 months I will contribute at least one meaningful commit a day to a public Open Source project or a similar community effort."